Five star rating at TripAdvisor

Food included

To the pasture (a tiny summer farm in the mountain)

Your Pace is our Pace (kids have no problem walking in the terrain, but some adults struggle)

Escape the crowd. We provide personalized service to groups of 2 to 10 people (most tours are with one group)

Cruise ship? We pick you up at the port
(and return you, in good time before the ship departs)

  • Climb with us high up to a pasture, along waterfalls and wilderness.
  • See Nordfjord while filling your lungs with fresh mountain air.
  • Enjoy a pleasant barbeque and amusing activities.
  • You will not see any tourists, just nature.
  • Cruise ship? See arrival and departure times here.

Reaching the pasture (photo) requires a 30 to 50-minute walk in steep terrain (depeding on the pace you prefer). The tour starts at the Agjeld farm and goes to the Agjeld pasture with options to go further. The tour involve plenty of food, fun Norwegian activities and tasting of local food. To give you an impression of the tracks: classic western Norwegian tracks – impossible to bike. The tracks are made hundreds of years ago, by animals – today used by sheeps, deers and the family. If you are comfortable walking in terrain, it’s no problem – but if you lived your life on asphalt – it will be very challenging.

Half-day tour to the pasture (approx. 4 hours) 740 Kroner per person. Includes plenty of food. Discount for kids.

Recommended: A whole-day trip – approximately 6 hours. – 900 Kroner per person. Includes plenty of food. Discount for families/groups. (if your group is less than three persons, and no other group is booking that day, the price is 2100 Kroner)

Don’t worry about the return to the cruise ship – we will bring you back in time.