How to take the bus from Olden Cruise Port to Discover Olden. Note that the bus driver might be geographically incompetent. For example, if you ask the driver “Is this the bus to Discover Olden?” the answer might be nonsense. Follow these steps:

1. Walk from the ship – to a bus stop on the SEA SIDE (the bus stops are easy to find). Do not cross the main road, that will lead you in the wrong direction.

2. Take bus from the bus stop at approx 09.03 (it’s sometimes a few minutes delayed). STOP the bus by showing your hand. Pay with card. Your destination is UGLA (7-minute ride)

3. Press the stop button when you enter/exit the first tunnel. UGLA is the first stop after the tunnel.

4. After exiting the bus, you will see a tall house on the other side of the fence. Walk there. We will meet you there (ring the doorbell on the tall house or walk to the downside of the house)

I’m sure the bus trip will go smoothly. Here is a map, in case you need it.

Frequent questions:
Payment? All buses and taxis in Norway accept cards.

Bus number? Normally Bus 110 – see the map-link over.

Start time for kayaking: You can start kayaking when you arrive at our place (It will take 5-15 minutes to get started)

Return by bus or taxi? There are no buses on the return. Write to us to plan for shuttle or taxi – we are often able to offer shuttle. Taxi is another option, but we are only 478 people living in Olden – and Olden has just a few taxis. It’s also possible to walk/hike – but it takes 70-100 minutes.

Phone numbers in case you need it. Me (Oddbjørn) +4791537768. Olden Taxi: +4795086146. Innvik Taxi: +4790161864