Kayak Rental Olden - stable kayaks for a perfect tour

kayak rental olden

Looking for kayak rental Olden? We are located 5 minutes from Olden center. We have excellent service, price and many benefits:

Greenish glacier water. Snow on the mountains (until July/August), green hillsides and no crowds.


Every day. Choose time after clicking the green button.

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Kayak Rental Olden - since 2014

Included in kayak rental Olden

double kayaks.
-Fits 5 to 80 years old
Single kayaks.
-Fits from 12 years old


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Had a wonderful day Kayaking - picked up from the cruise ship and headed back down the fjord about 8 minutes, meaning that when we got out of the water we had the whole of the fjord to ourselves. Couldn’t fault the service or the information provided before we went. Trip made for my husband when the dolphins appeared!
Verča Kučerowá
Verča Kučerowá
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Amazing kajak experience! We were really contented with the services. There were no problems with changes caused by weather and people were lovely!
Daniel K
Daniel K
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It was really incredibly beautiful and impressive, also a lot cheaper than the kayak excursion through the cruise provider. Oddbjörn has given us a super introduction, explains everything well, and given even a map overview in the fjord. Oddbjörn and his family are really hospitable!
Dragan Z
Dragan Z
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Highly recomended. Good price and full service are wonderfull. Verry nice place to visit. 🚣‍♂️🚣‍♀️
Vegard N
Vegard N
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Amazing fjords! I had a great time and i would strongly recomend this activity! Also super friendly people and a beautiful location.
leie kajakk olden
May 2020. Kayak rental Olden

Kayak map included

From us you can paddle in many directions, but we recommend paddling towards Olden or Loen with a view to the spectacular mountain Skåla. Most guests paddle for three to four hours. Bring water and food. Enjoy!

On the photo you see the kayaks in the shadow. It will be 2-3 meters to carry them and you are ready to go.

License not needed - Kayak rental Olden

You don’t need a licence to kayak here. Kayak certificate makes sense if the waves are big, or there are boats and ships passing by. Or far from land. In 2021 we have no cruise ships here and hardly any boats. If you have a licence you can paddle anywhere. If you don’t have a licence stay close to land (5 to 30 meters from shore) for extra safety. You must be sober. And you must wear a flotation device (which is always included). If you are unsure about kayaking, a guided tour is the best alternative.

Cancellation policy

  • Cancellation more than 7 days before: 100 percent refund
  • Cancellation less than 7 days before: 50 percent refund
  • Cancellation 19 hours before, or less: No refund


About everything else than the kayaks

Drop-in makes a chaos in the parking and bookings, so you have to book in advance.

We are a 5 minute drive from Olden center. We will send you address and directions instantly after booking.

Yes, we have free private parking for you.

Opening hours for kayak rental Olden: From 9 to 22 (9 AM to 10 PM)

With card when you book (click the booking button before you arrive)

In the waterproof room in the kayaks, or inside your car or in our house. Drybag is not necessary, since the kayaks have waterproof rooms.

The bathroom is not available during the virus. Visit a bathroom at a gas station or similar, before you arrive.

About the kayaks

Yes, kids older than 5 will normally enjoy kayaking. For kids 5 years old and up to 10/11-years it’s normally best with a double kayak. Let the kid sit in the front seat. The double kayak works fine, even if the kid stops paddling. I have often kayaked for hours, without any help from the kid in the front, he was just relaxing. Kids older than 10 will often handle one of the single kayaks.

We have ten single kayaks and three double kayaks. See pictures at the bottom of this page.

All double kayaks and 3 of 4 single kayaks have a rodder. Disclaimer: Some rodders might be out of function some days each season (remember to take up the rodder when you make landfall). An interesting thing is that the main purpose of the rodder is not to turn, believe it or not. The main purpose is to help the kayak going straight in strong sidewind or currents (we have no currents, and rearly strong wind). Personally, I never use the rodder here unless the sidewind is very strong.

Only if you have kayak certificate and experience, because it’s safer without. We have 2 spray skirts.

Yes. We have many vests, from 15 kilos up to 90+. Vest, paddle and map are always included.

Swim shoes are included so you can enter and exit (on a beach, for example), without getting your holiday shoes wet.

In the waterproof room in the kayaks, or inside your car or in our house. Drybag is not necessary, since the kayaks have waterproof rooms.