About kayaking and the kayaks

Can I bring children?
Kids older than 8 will handle one of the standard kayaks. You may consider a double kayak also, and let the kid sit in the front seat. The double kayak works fine, even if the kid stops paddling. I have often kayaked for hours, without any help from the kid in the front, he was just relaxing 🙂

What kind of kayaks do you have?
We have four single kayaks and three double kayaks. See pictures at the bottom of this page.

Is spray skirt included?
I never use spray skirt, because it’s rearly waves or boats here. But we have three spray skirt for free use, if you want (for example during heavy rain).

Are floating devices / vests included?
Yes. We have many vests, from 15 kilos up to 90+. Vest, paddle and map are always included.

Is it scary to paddle kayak?
Some people think that it’s necessary to know the eskimo roll to kayak. That’s good to know if you paddle with a tight spray skirt, or paddle during difficult conditions. The conditions here are: Normally no waves, no boats. It’s unlikely to tip over. In the unlikely event of tipping over, you will automatically slide out of the kayak. If you kayak close to land you are safer.

I don’t want to kayak myself but is it possible to hike in the area while the others are kayaking?
Yes, it’s nice to hike along the shore. It’s also possible to sit on the pier to relax or read.

Directions, bathroom and storage

Is there a bathroom?
We have a bathroom available (if we are here when you need it). But we recommend that you go to the bathroom before you arrive. It’s possible to take a piss in the forest, just don’t leave any plastic or eternal trash.

How do we get there?
We, Olden Activites, are a 5 minute drive from Olden center. We will send you address and directions after booking. If you don’t have a car, we can pick you up.

We prefer to drive. Can we park there?
Yes, we have free parking for you.

Where can I store my stuff?
In the waterproof room in the kayaks, or inside our house. Drybag is not necessary, since the kayaks have waterproof rooms.

Tahe Marine Fit 147

Riot ​Polarity 16.5 Tandem kayak

About the Guides

Who will be my guide?
It will be Oddbjørn, nickname Charlie (he kayaks every day from April to November) or one of the other guides.