Looking for Taxi Olden Norway? We are 880 people in Olden, Norway. And only 2 or 3 taxi drivers. You can imagine it’s hard to get a taxi when a cruise ship with 5000 people is arriving. Or 3 cruise ships. It’s also very hard to pre-book a taxi, because the taxi companies do a lot of public transportation that they are committed to by contract (school, hospital and other).

Price for Taxi in Olden Norway

Be prepared that the prices for taxis are very high in Norway. This is partly because of very high petrol prices and general cost of living. A taxi ride for 10 minutes can normally be 200 kroner per person (depending on day and time). Longer rides are progressively cheaper per minute. Anyway, you can trust taxi drivers in Norway (outside Oslo, at least). It’s strictly regulated and automated pricing process. I have never experienced any scam after thousands of taxi rides (in my other job as a public speaker and author).

Contact Taxi Olden Norway or Taxi Innvik

Olden Taxi: +47 950 86 146
Innvik Taxi, Rolf Jonny: +47 911 01 292

Rental cars

There are no rental cars in Olden. You find rental cars in Stryn, and it’s difficult/impossible to get there by public transportation.

Private Tours

Discover Olden offers Private Tours with guide/driver, at minimum price of 9000 kroner. This is a popular option for families and groups up to 8 people. There are three levels of activity: Relaxed (almost no walking), medium active (some hiking and/or kayaking) and active.

Olden is a huge geographical area, but only 880 people live here. And we only have 2-3 taxi drivers, so you can imagine it’s hard to get a taxi when a ship with thousands of guests are here.

Public transportation

If you want to go to Loen Skylift, Briksdalen (glacier) or other attractions – you will find tourist buses close to the pier. Maybe it’s included if you booked some kind of package. There are also general public transport a few times every day to attractions and other places. See details here.

Hiking or biking

You could hike or bike, but most roads are not suited because of high traffic an narrow roads.

Conclusion, Taxi in Olden Norway: The taxi drivers deliver great service, but they are very busy.