Transport - Private Tour

Short description: Meet us by the gas station, you will see it from the ship (57 meters/187 feet or 535 meters/1756 feet) away. Detailed descriptions:

Cruise ships to Olden will dock in position A or B. The closest spot to pick you up is at the gas station, the X in the middle. We are happy to inform that it's very easy to find. Walking distance:
57 meters (187 feet) - from A to X.
535 meters (1756 feet). From B to X.
You can almost touch the gas station from the cruise ship. If your ship docks in the other location in Olden (position B), it's a 3-5 minute walk.
Photo: Jogeir Agjeld
Åshild and Marie were guides in 2023 and will be guides in mid-august 2024