Olden Norway: Destination Guide

Olden is a beautiful little village nestled at the mouth of the River Oldeelva. It is situated at the end of the famous 66-mile Nordfjord. The village is an easy gateway to Norway’s stunning natural scenery and hosts a wonderful array of things to see. Olden is rated among the best cruise ship destinations in the world. It’s the doorway to the Jostedal Glacier, Europe’s largest mainland glacier.

Olden is a pretty little village renowned for its Norwegian hospitality and friendliness, natural beauty, and the many wonderful things to do. The winding, peaceful valleys meet colossal glaciers and crashing waterfalls, all set against the beautiful backdrop of towering mountains. Overall, the famous Norwegian Fjords are simply unmissable.

Olden Norway, july 2022

What to do

The Briksdal glacier tour is the most popular tour, even though the glacier has shrunk dramatically in the last decade. The Loen Skylift summits Mount Hoven at 3,600ft (1,100m) and is another top thing to do in Olden. At the Jostedal Glacier park centre, learn about climate change and local wildlife and also the famous Viking settlements.

But if you’re looking to escape to hoards of people bundling off the cruise ships – look no further! Discover Olden offers you the chance to get to know the ‘real’ Norway. It’s owned and operated by a local family with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area. Their mountain farm and waterfall tour takes you off the beaten track and into natural Norway. They also offer Private Tours based on your preferences. Although, in and around the village itself there are many enjoyable activities for you to try. Buy traditional Norwegian wooly jumpers, stroll along the glacial lake or try creamy cake in one of the local cafes!

If the peace and quiet isn’t attractive enough – rent a kayak! Get incredibly unique views of the fjord from the turquoise glacial waters. If you’re on a kayak holiday or simply want to paddle in tranquillity by the Fjords, check out this tour. 

Best time to visit Olden Norway

The best time to visit Olden Norway is normally May – August. Throughout the winter, the mountains are blanketed in snow and the scenery is breathtaking.

olden norway
Olden Norway has glaciers, fjords, lakes - and trolls in the waterfalls.

How to get here

Numerous cruise ships drop anchor in Olden from April to October, which is the summer season. From here, a quiet 10-minute walk from the pier takes you to the village centre. There, you will find shops, restaurants, ATMs etc. If traveling by public transport from Oslo, a train (R10) to Otta Skysstasjon and then a bus (NW431) will take you directly into the heart of the village. 

Hiring a car is an amazing way to discover the stunning views from the roadside. Olden is 18 minutes from Stryn, 2,5 hours from Ålesund, 4,5 hours from Bergen and 7 hours from Oslo. There are various stunning routes you can take while in the area. If it’s in the budget, a Norway Fjord road trip should always be an option! 

While there are public buses available, it’s recommended to take a tour as most will provide transport. There are also things to see in Olden in walking distance. For example, the town itself or you can take a stroll through the pretty village. Enjoy where you are and take in the truly breathtaking Fjord landscape. 

Good to know about Olden Norway

Safety: nothing to worry about here. The locals (a few hundred or to be excact 478) are famous for their friendliness and almost everyone here speaks English. Bring a jacket as the weather can be temperamental.

Don't leave without

A heap of photos – Olden is incredibly beautiful. You also need to try some Norwegian desserts! A hike in and around the world-famous Norwegian Fjords is also a must do.

Weather in Olden

Shows average temperature, and the number of days with more than 1 mm of precipitation. Average last 10 years.

We do have days with over 30 degrees, but this is the average temperatures during the whole day and night. Weather forecast.

Briksdalsbreen glacier, Olden Norway